Retro Fashion – A Brief Look at the History of 50s Fashion

Vintage clothing is an umbrella term for clothes dating back to a bygone era. The term is also occasionally used in association with a specific retail establishment, e.g. at vintage clothes shop. This article will cover the latter use of the term. So let’s begin with the basics: what is vintage?

50s fashion was known for many things. For one thing it was all about bright colors and unique designs. You may have noticed that even 50s fashion stores have accessorized their stores with bold, bright colors and unique designs. 50s fashion designers also favored floral prints, patterns with imperfections, animal print clothing styles, and the “lilac” look. One trend that really took off was for women to wear their pants just above their knees – like they were still wearing jeans.

But 50s fashion wasn’t just about jeans, dresses and tops. It also included rockabilly and hippie fashions as well as boho chic and casual styles. In fact, these styles are still very much in fashion today! Rockabilly was definitely a popular style of clothing during the 1950s, and so was hippie fashions. In fact, some of the 50s most popular music was about rockabilly, such as the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. Many people believe these fashions had a huge influence on the teenagers of that time.

Some of the most popular 50s fashion items include: denim, jackets, cardigans, jeans, and silk or satin blouses. These can be purchased pre-owned, but if you really want to save money to buy new. It is always best to find a jacket that was made specifically for the cold weather in which you live. Look for wool or fleece construction to keep warm, even in the coldest winter months. Remember that a trench coat is a great investment for your wardrobe, as long as it is functional.

Trench coats, worn with skirts in the 1950s, gave rise to what we know today as denim skirt. It is important to note that while jeans and skirts are both part of the rockabilly wardrobe, they were two different styles. Denims were worn to the rockabilly music concerts but were also frequently worn with skirts in the suburbs.

50s fashion also included a number of different styles of coats, both long and short. These coats were often made of cotton and had many different fabrics, from knitted to the heavy canvas coats seen commonly during the 60s fashion era. Some of the more popular styles of coats were the functional pinched collar, with rolled sleeves, trench coats, and the functional leather coats.

Another important piece of 50s fashions was the double-breasted jacket, which was worn as a fashion statement as well as for practical reasons. As with the double-breasted coats, they had many different fabrics, such as leather, vinyl, and even rayon. Often, the jackets would have short sleeves, with the most popular length being those with the “rectangular” lapels. For a more edgy style, try a trench coat with an oversized lapel.

The skirt was always a mainstay in the 50s fashions. Silk skirts were very popular and there were a number of colors and patterns available. However, the most trendy was the mini skirt, which had short legs and a short hemline. Popular choices for pants were tweed and khaki pants, with black leather boots or boot cut jeans. Other popular trends include ruffled and floral skirt designs.

When it comes to choosing fabrics for your clothing, the old standby remains silk. Silk was often chosen for evening dresses, but the trend moved away from this fabric towards fine fabrics, including crepe and velvet. Fabrics that had not been part of the fashion scene during the early 50s are now gaining popularity. Silk is now being used in skirts, blouses, and shawls.

Another type of popular 50s fashion is the elegant, long full length dress. Once again, the dresses are being designed with a fitted waist, with a full-length hemline. The dress can have sleeves or be sleeveless. Popular choices include the classic “bridesmaid” dress with the gathered skirt and sleeveless bodice, and the traditional full length wedding dress with the full skirt and full length train. The classic white wedding dress is also making a comeback.

50s fashion also includes jewelry that is meant to be vintage and worn for nostalgia purposes. Sterling silver jewelry is wearing a strong presence in the fashion scene as well. People are wearing vintage jewelry made from beads, rhinestones, and other gems. Retro style jewelry is making a strong statement in the modern world of fashion.