How to Dressing Your Personal Style With This Easy Guide

My style is a simple one, yet it is far from boring. I am a country girl at heart and that is represented in my wardrobe. When I am not shopping or hanging out with friends, I like to go into my bedroom, pull out all of my country girl outfits, and play country music. The bedroom can be a great place for a girl to be because it is so decorated. In my room there are old lace, quilt blankets, pictures of my grandkids, and of course country western posters.

my style

Most often when I am getting ready to make a wardrobe change, I turn to interest inspiration. Pinterest is my go-to site for finding new outfits and decorating ideas. Pinterest also gives me ideas for what to do with my old outfits. One day I was doing some cleaning around the house and came across a dress I had never worn. It was a beautiful Corset with an ornate bodice and it was the exact color as my favorite pinterest photo of my grandkids.

After I had found this dress, I knew I had to have it. Since my little girl is only about two, it made a perfect cutesy outfit for her. Another great thing about Pinterest is that they have an extensive number of outfit examples that can inspire you to create your own outfit. I quickly went over my entire wardrobe and saw how outfits like this could be accessorized. From the dress to the shoes to the purse, each item was inspired by my style guide.

I started out making outfit from my country style inspiration and then added more of my style to the outfit. For example, the dress I made using my country style inspiration was cut low to the waist and had a ruffled top. I ended up putting a shawl in the middle and created a bow on the side. I found several pinterest pin ups that I felt would fit this outfit and made a few changes to them to make them look my style. This outfit stood out because it was unique but also was a classic country girls outfit.

My next outfit was inspired by my interest board. Since I have this board that I can see what I am working on and go back and forth on what is working and what is not. It has a section for my outfits and I usually change things here every week or so. One of the outfits I used my pinterest board for was a cute little lime green dress. I found several matching pieces and decided I would put together my outfit around these.

To complete my closet transformation, I found several items I could wear again, for example my wedding dress. I put all of these together in my old closet that I had not used in years. This was my first step to dressing my personal style and creating my closet. I love that I was able to do all of this on my own. You can do the same thing if you put your own personal style together with just a few simple ideas to help you get started.

From this personal style guide, you should be able to choose outfits you would like to wear. These outfits will then become your new favorites in your closet. You will find that this is a great way to start developing a great wardrobe while only investing a small amount of money. The whole process will only take you a few days to complete if you have a closet full of outfits.

You should be inspired by the outfits you choose from this collection. You may even want to start making your own combinations in your own closet. That way you can use these styles in all different areas of your wardrobe. So don’t limit yourself to the styles of clothes in your current wardrobe; start searching for more closet space!