Harajuku Fashion – Harajuku Style

If you have never visited Japan, chances are you don’t fully comprehend what harajuku is and what it means. If you have seen the recent movie “The Girl With The Pearl Hair”, you might not be aware of this little-known word, but it is a real place in Japan. It is one of the most fashionable places in all of Japan. Millions of young people from all over the world flock to this place every year.

harajuku fashion

“Harajukaii” is Japanese for Harajuku. This place is located just east of central Tokyo and it is where the elite live, shop and play. Harajuku means “the palace”. The term was actually used way back in 2021, when the then-mayor of Tokyo discussed the idea of turning the district into a theme park similar to Disney Land. It has now become one of the most fashionable places in Tokyo with countless venues and boutiques displaying the latest styles in harajuku fashion.

You may think that the word “harajukushi” means just clothes, but it can also mean “fashion district”. Most people confuse the two words because they are both used in relation to the famous Harajuku district located in central Tokyo. All the most fashionable kids go there to shop, visit yoyogi playgrounds or gather at the cafes in Omotesando Street or the trendy cafes in Yoyogi Park, the venue of the popular anime series “The Boyfriend”. Harajuku is also home to some of the trendiest boutiques and shops selling international brands, such as Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

There are so many styles to choose from in harajuku fashion, ranging from typical schoolgirl clothes to trendy adult styles, from kimono togae styles, from western to eastern. And since it is a very cosmopolitan place with all the international cultures represented, it is not surprising to see people wearing all these styles. But if you want to wear something unique and out of the ordinary, you should definitely shop in the famous Harajuku station!

Harajuku is a world of fashion. The Harajuku fashion district is basically a large shopping area, where all the major brands are situated. Some of the stores even have small boutiques inside, selling particular brands or carrying authentic Japanese items. But the biggest stores are located on this huge commercial street, which is also known as the Harajuku bridge. Here you will find all the top brands in clothing, fashion accessories and so much more. If you want to wear something original, you can try to wear the Lolita goth dress, which is one of the most famous online style of dress.

The color of the dress is really important here, as it creates the image that you want to create. The color of white represents elegance and purity, while the more dark-colored shade of black symbolizes the sexiness of the person. However, you must be very careful when choosing the color of your outfit here, because there are some very popular colors, which you should avoid. These are the colors of blue, gray, black and brown. The most popular colors for harem pants and shirts are light blue and gray, while the darker shades of black, brown and blue are certainly not suitable for this special event!

Harem pants look really amazing when worn with a shirt in contrast with it, creating a harem fashion look. However, this color combination can be a bit boring, as there are many other colors that you can choose from to create the perfect harem fashion look for you. You can find various combinations of colors in different stores, or you can even try to create your own harem fashion design by combining different colors of clothes.

When it comes to harem pants, you can actually combine both kimono tops and kimono bottoms. It takes some creativity, but it’s also possible to get this combination right on the streets of Harajuku! However, if you are not able to find the right combination between the top and bottom here, it will be difficult for you to wear harem clothing in this special event! But anyway, let me tell you that mixing these three clothing parts will definitely make you unique in front of others. And you know what – your outfit in the Harajuku fashion district is just like yours in the real world, only more beautiful!