Different Types of Alternative Clothing Brands

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Different Types of Alternative Clothing Brands

Alternative clothing has evolved from being a trend in the 1970s into a true lifestyle option for many individuals. Alternative clothing generally stands apart from traditional commercial fashion by disregarding traditionally accepted styles and focusing on styles which do not conform to dress codes. It is a style that defies categorization. Alternative fashion generally includes the styles of certain sub-cultures including emo, punk, scene, goths, hip hop, techno, computer cyber-rock, and punk/alternative music; but it is not confined to these alone. Styles which fall under the alternative fashion umbrella include dresses, t-shirts, shoes, jewellery, accessories, and more. This is definitely not your run of the mill ordinary apparel.

Alternative clothing is specifically designed to defy the normal parameters of fashion apparel. This type of attire usually exhibits a unique sense of style with an unconventional appearance. As such alternative wear tends to stand out in a crowd and is attractive to the eye. Aesthetics are certainly an important aspect of the fashion world. Clothes designed and created in such a manner as to be eye catching yet still be appropriate to the particular environment in which they are worn is known as an irregular wardrobe.

Some of the subcultures that embrace alternative fashion garments are described below. The first one is goth. The expression goth is derived from the music, which was popularized by the band Death. The music was based around heavy metal and was influenced heavily by the likes of Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, etc.

The second sub-culture to be described is the grunge fashion. G grunge is an alternative style of dressing which incorporates baggy jeans, white T-shirts, tennis shoes, authentic jewelry, and a very open and casual lifestyle. The brand began when members of the band OiOi were trying to imitate the styles that were common among the urban panthers of the time. They were also trying to incorporate elements of the style in their clothes so as to make their clothes different and more unique.

The third culture to be described is the punk chic. As its name suggests, this particular type of outfit is inspired by groups that existed during the late 80’s such as the Sex Pistols, the Dead Kenners, and others. As stated before, the style is characterized by baggy jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes, authentic jewelry, etc. In many ways, alternative fashion styles and outfits are a stark contrast to the staple styles of today. As such, this outfit is often times chosen for special occasions such as a night out on the town.

There are many other alternative fashion brands, which have become staples among teenagers and young adults today. Among these brands include cyberdog, wherein teens can choose from a wide array of outfits such as tank tops and sweatshirts. Cyberdog’s most popular ensemble, however, is the cyberhog jacket, which looks similar to the classic sweatshirt with long sleeves and has a hoodie which comes attached to the collar.

Other cyberdogs include cyberduck which is made from a soft plush material and comes with a faux-quilted plaid pattern in grey and brown. Cyber Duck’s other popular style is the cyberchic, which is made from grey and black leather with a mock-fur collar. This particular style is very in-demand because it makes a great edgy style that is appropriate for formal and business occasions. Other cyberchic outfits consist of the kitty chick, which comes with a long skirt and an oversized hooded jacket, the gangster girl, which is made in dark blue and comes with a blouse, the gangster boy, which is a long sleeve shirt with baggy pockets on the sides, and the hip-hop and gangsta, which is a short and grey sleeve shirt with two bags at the front.

Another thing to consider is that many of these clothes are produced by companies with ties to the alternative fashion brands. One of them is House of Dereon, which produces cyberchic clothes for teens and preteens and also sells adult sizes. Alternative clothing generally has a better selection and much better prices compared to mainstream fashion brands. Many of the products are created by small companies with the same idea as Cyberdog, so the quality is very high. They have been able to take advantage of the growing popularity of cyberchics because of their lower cost. With this in mind, many parents are buying these clothes not only to get something for their children to enjoy but because they know that the clothes will last longer than any of the clothes that are made by mainstream fashion brands.